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Jeffrey Nessia

General Overview

About Jeffrey Nessia

Jeffrey Nessia is a financial professional based in San Diego, California. He is the Managing Director and Senior Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors. Jeffrey Nessia has nearly two decades of experience in the financial industry, showcasing a commitment to his specialization and a willingness to help his clients above all else.

As with many finance professionals, Jeffrey Nessia’s first move in the industry was to obtain an education. Jeffrey attended UC San Diego, earning a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management Science. He graduated in 2001, and by 2004, Jeffrey was hard at work and landing important roles within the financial sector.

One of Jeffrey Nessia’s first financial roles was as a Product Manager at Washington Mutual. Jeffrey held the position for nearly a year and a half before being promoted to Project Manager and associate (still at Washington Mutual). This would be the second of four titles Jeffrey held within the company. Jeffrey landed a new role within the company, AVP and Project Manager, two years later. This led to Mr. Nessia’s final position within Washington Mutual, as he became AVP and Business Strategy Analyst – Lead. 

Following his time with Washington Mutual, Jeffrey Nessia began working with J.P. Morgan. His role was as a Private Client Advisor. Jeffrey stayed with the company for thirteen years before finally making the decision to move on. However, Jeffrey didn’t move far, as he still worked for the parent company. In July 2022, Jeffrey Nessia signed on as a Private Client Advisor and Executive Director of Investments at JPMorgan Wealth Management. Mr. Nessia continued in this role for a year and a half until he picked up his current position.

Currently, Jeffrey Nessia is the Managing Director and Senior Financial Advisor for Wells Fargo Advisors. This role called for Jeffrey to deliver a full range of investment planning strategies. Each strategy is customized to the client and their individual needs. Mr. Nessia has handled various needs, including retirement planning, education expenses, and other personal financial goals. 

Above all else, Jeffrey Nessia aims to ensure that his clients are capable of making informed decisions. This is the best way to create a lasting investment strategy, and Jeffrey is proud to be there for his clients and all their financial needs.

Outside of work, Jeffrey Nessia has many passions and hobbies. He loves art, music, and food. In particular, Jeffrey adores live music. Any venue that offers live music will undoubtedly gain his attention, as he’s always looking to create new memories and enjoy new experiences.

On that note, Jeffrey Nessia also enjoys traveling. His travel bucket list seems to grow by the day, though he has visited several memorable locations. For example, he was lucky enough to visit Paris. He has also been to Seattle, Park City, and Lake Tahoe. Jeffrey also enjoys traveling to mountains, so the most iconic mountains will eventually make it onto his travel itinerary. 

To learn more about Jeffrey Nessia, visit his Travel blog or find him on social media.

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